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Privacy Policy

The following statements explain Helmsley Archaeological and Historical Society's Policy regarding the personal information you may give us - either as:

1. Objective Our aim is to respect your privacy in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (2018) - GDPR.

2. Submission of Personal Information If you choose to supply personal information to Helmsley Archaeological and Historical Society, we have legal obligations to you (as set out in the GDPR) in the way we handle that data:

- we will only use your information for the purpose for which you have given it, i.e. to contact you, as a Member, to provide further information about forthcoming events, or to reply to an explicit query which you have asked.

- we will hold your personal information on our systems for as long as you remain a Member, or whilst we are in communication with you

- we will no longer retain personal information when the purpose(s) have been met; you may, at any point, request details of information held about you, or request its removal

- we will not sell, assign, disclose or rent your personal information to any other external organisation or individual

3. Your Consent In providing personal information, you understand and consent to the use of such information in the manner set out in the above Policy.

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