Report on 2019 Activities

Guided Tour of Mount Grace Priory, Saturday 6th June 2019

It was a splendid, sunny day for the nineteen Members of the Society who turned up at Mount Grace Priory for a guided tour given by Dr Mark Douglas (Properties Curator at English Heritage). We could not have had a better guide than Mark - who has co-edited English Heritage's most recent Red Guide to Mount Grace Priory.

Having assembled outside the house (overlooking the splendid gardens) the group was given a general description of the site. Passing through the house, we entered the priory and - in front of the Prior's cell - were informed about the activities in the monastery. We then crossed the Great Cloister, and were told about Cell 8 - a reconstructed monk's cell; the group explored the cell, its cloister, and its garden.

Mark pointed out the arms of Archbishop Richard Scrope on the entrance to Cell 2, and then showed us one of the springs which were used to provide drinking water around the Priory.

We finally assembled in front of the church, where we were told about the various stages and benefactors of the house.

Click on any of the following thumbnails to get a larger, high-resolution image...

Outside the house

In front of the Prior's cell


Crossing the Great Cloister


Outside Cell 8


The garden in Cell 8


The arms of Archbishop Richard Scrope on the entrance to Cell 2


The church


In front of the church


A room in the house, in the spirit of the Arts and Crafts Movement

Our grateful thanks go to Dr Mark Douglas for his excellent guided talk, so eloquently and enthusiastically delivered....

See what you might have missed!!

You may be interested to know that Google Maps has extended its "StreetView" activities to Mount Grace Abbey. In summary, they have walked all around the Abbey site with a 360-degree camera, and recorded the images. If you click on this link it will take you to Mount Grace. In the bottom right hand corner of the screen, you will see yellow icon of a person. Click once on this, and Mount Grace will be covered in a series of blue "walkways" that you can traverse. If you then click on the yellow person, hold down the left mouse button, and drag the person to one of the blue walkways (and release it), you will be shown the 3D view from that point. (You may choose Hide Imagery to give you a larger image). If you then hold down the left mouse button on the picture and drag it left or right, you will then scan the view from your current viewpoint. If you lower the "fingered hand" towards the ground, you will see arrows and crosses. Click on the arrow, and you will be taken in the direction of the arrow!

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