Report on 2018 Activity

Guided Tour of Helmsley Castle, Wednesday 20th June 2018

The weather in the evening was kind to the twenty-nine Members of the Society who turned up at Helmsley Castle for a guided tour given by Dr John Kenyon (Honorary Research Fellow with the National Museum of Wales. We could not have had a better guide than John Kenyon - who has edited English Heritage's most recent Red Guide to Helmsley Castle.

Having assembled at the modern visitor centre, the group was taken to the south barbican, then on to the south gate and the inner bailey. Passing the kitchen range, we entered the west tower, and then down steps into its basement. We then entered the ground floor of the chamber block emerging at the latrine tower; ascending this, we passed through the upper floor before descending again to the inner bailey. From here, we left via the north gate, and returned to the south gate by walking along the bank between the two ditches, getting a splendid view - not only of the west range, but also of Helmsley Walled Garden.

Click on any of the following thumbnails to get a larger image...


Looking at the inside of the South Barbican


On the small bridge from the South Barbican to the Inner Bailey


Inner Bailey by the Kitchen Range - East Tower in the background


By the Kitchen Range - West Range in the background


Inside the West Tower


Entering the Basement of the West Tower


Exhibition in the Ground Floor of the Chamber Block


Upper Floor of the Chamber Block


Standing by the Gallery - East Tower in the background


Returning to the South Barbican


Our grateful thanks go to Dr John Kenyon for his excellent guided talk, so eloquently delivered....

Our thanks also go the the five English Heritage Staff who enabled Helmsley Castle to remain open, especially for us!

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